Our Curriculum and Syllabus

DAARUL ARQAM SCHOOLS Management ensures that the approved National Curriculum and State approved Syllabus are used to impact knowledge on our students ranging from core subject to elective, departmental, and enterpreneural subjects.

Daily Islamic Activities

  1. Early hour Qur'an memorization(aimed at complete Qur'an memorization)
  2. Assembly ground recitation
  3. Islamic ettiquettes all through
  4. Standard Arabic and Islamic Evening Classes(aid standard Arabic communication skills)
  5. Late Evening Qur'an memorization revision
  6. Weekend-End Quran memorization Class(friday-Sunday)

Arabic and Islamic Competition

  1. Termly Intra School Tahajji (Arabic Spelling Bee)competition
  2. Annual Inter School Tahajji (Arabic Spelling Bee) competition
  3. Intra Class Islamic Quiz competition
  4. Termly Intra Class Hifzul Qur'an competition
  5. Termly Inter Class Hifzul Qur'an competition
  6. Annual Shahadah/certification program