Student Centred Teaching and Learning

As the saying goes that teaching and learning cannot be achieved without a significant change in learners' behaviour.This assertion buttress the school adopted the "Behavioural objective appraoch"in the preparation of its lesson plan or note.
  1. Environment friendly
    The provision of conducive learning atmosphere not only in terms of academics but also in personal development of the students into responsible,rational matured and well rounded adolescent is our resolved goal.

  2. Team-Work and Group Learning
    Besides the classroom formal teaching, students are encouraged to part-take in group work that foster team-work,cooperating learning and student relationship. These are display inform of:
    1. Intra-Class weekly Quiz,Spelling Bee etc
    2. Inter-Class Debate and Dialogue
    3. Co-Curricular activities like clubs, e.g press club etc.
    4. Vocational training

      1. We ensure the development of our student in varying vocational skills.


      1. Apart from the strictly employment of morally upright members of staff,Students must always dress well in their school uniform with black shoe and socks.
      2. Male must cut their hair low and Female must plait their hair according to the week style of choice.
      3. Our students are not allowed to use self-phone while in the school premises,alternatively, official school phone are available for use.